Reduce the impact on our forests with Plantons pour l’Avenir


To reinforce this environmental commitment, we have become a patron of Plantons pour l’Avenir since 2023.
Plantons pour l’Avenir is an organization that contributes to the protection of the natural environment by supporting the afforestation and reforestation of degraded French forests, in silvicultural and/or economic deadlock.

Its mission consists of 3 actions:

  • Planting

Since its creation, Plantons pour l’Avenir has supported more than 400 projects and reforested nearly 2,500 hectares to ensure the future of France’s forests. Through its commitment, it fights climate change, sustains employment in rural areas and creates the necessary resource to supply industries with French wood.

  • Raising awareness

As part of a policy to raise awareness and educate about the societal and economic issues of forests, the organization informs businesses and the public through events and educational days. The goal is to train young people in a promising industry, to raise public awareness about reforestation, to train forest managers in sustainable development and to pass these values on to future generations.

  • Innovate

Plantons pour l’Avenir supports research and development and is committed to innovative processes such as silviculture and biotechnology. The organization funds projects to develop new reforestation techniques, improve the genetics of tree species, and adapt to climate change.

Our French oak forests are a noble and precious resource. Let’s preserve them